Fair Warning: This is a Blog Post

Yesterday, I started working on a short story called I’m Sorry The Llamas Ate Your Ice Cream. Well, it sounded like a good title for a short story, and the more I thought about it, the more I felt guilty for giving a ranty blog post a title that made it sound like a story.

It’s going fairly well. I have ice cream, but no llamas, so far.

Right now, the 52 week writing challenge isn’t going so well. I think I’m probably about three weeks behind, and there have only been about five weeks. On the other hand, I do have more short stories than I would have had without it, so there you go. It’s a win.

And I still have time to catch up, if I work on it. I guess that’s always true, down to the moment that I no longer have time to write 52 short stories.

I have things to celebrate, too. I hit 200 followers. I already passed the number of visits that I had in all of 2015 (first year I started this blog). I’m still working on growth, so if you have a favorite post or a favorite story, please share it on social media, or just by telling a friend.


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    I’m Sorry The Llamas Ate Your Ice Cream IS a great story title! You should still use it! Congrats on 200 followers! That’s fantastic!

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