Fearing the Worst

One of my co-worker went home sick a few hours in. Literally doubled up.

There’s something about the impending pandemic that makes every little thing seem sinister. Is it Coronavirus? Uhm… well, maybe, but more likely ulcerative colitis. I already knew about that. Any other time, I’d be wincing for him, but not really expecting to catch anything.

I’d like to be ordered to self-isolate. And I promise to do so religiously. (Apparently, now with pay!) But I’d really rather not actually get sick. I have work to do.

The nursing homes near me have stopped letting visitors in. The stores are running out of the strangest things. (Thermometers? Seriously?) And events that need to happen are being cancelled. Yup. That means one co-worker’s wedding, and another’s rodeo. Both wedding and rodeo will be fully refunded.

We’re in the wait-and-see holding pattern around here, but it’s pretty obvious what the outcome will be. Schools closed to the north of us. Schools closed to the south of us… They’ll hold out as long as they can, of course. (Lots of low-income kids who need to be fed, and not much plan for that, once they go home.) But, in the end, they’ll close, too.

I’m one of the lucky ones. Food in the pantry, toilet paper in the cupboard.


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    I sat next to a man wearing a mask on the plane from Tucson to Spokane via Seattle. Caught a cold two days later. Yep, Day 7 of self-quarantine and feeling better. Luckily I’m retired and older than average, so I don’t worry too much about ‘catching’ the dreaded virus, but I do worry about folks like you who are still working, and those who don’t quite have their lives together so they have a safe place to sleep or enough food to eat. These next few months will challenge us all. Perseverance furthers! Be well.

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      I’m glad you’re feeling better. Hope you are finding things to keep you busy during quarantine. As for me, I’ll be paid, if I’m ordered to quarantine, and I have a full pantry, so I admit I’m looking forward to it.

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