February 2023 Update

Yesterday, I hit my goal word count for February. Uhm… the goal for the first full-length project, that is. I actually have two, right now. I’m about 1,500 words from the month’s goal on project #2, and I’m keeping up fairly well with the 52 week challenge… which, seven weeks into 2023 means that I have seven stories going into week 8.

Well, six, once you discount the one that’s based on something that isn’t quite in the public domain. **checks watch** Is it twenty-thirty-six yet? No? What about now?

To be fair, that one’s probably more weird than anything else.

We’ll see if I still like it in a decade and a half. (Yes, I put it on the calendar. Let’s hope the calendar survives that long.) As an aside, why isn’t it easier to make entries a decade or two in advance on Google Calendar? Oh. Yeah. That’s right. Because Normal People don’t do that. So, I scrolled forward, month by month. There’s a note. I hope it still means something to me, then.

A couple days ago, I forgot the bluetooth keyboard I use on my lunch hour, and the whole experience made me twitchy as hell. It’s possible that I’m slightly addicted to the time I spend in the middle of the day with noise cancelling headphones and my own work. Never mind. I still managed to tick off one of my goals for the year. Is that what making every moment count means?

It’s turning out to be a busy year.


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