Fighting Off… well, something.

I was pretty well out for the day. I got in some work on my revision, and maybe a couple of hundred nanowords, but overall, more sleep than I’ve had in a week, and less writing than I would have hoped for.

It is possible that working at home is not for me.

It is also possible that cutbacks to library funding mean that I have nowhere to go until 10 in the morning, by which prime writing hours are over.

I’m still eyeing that drop-in membership at the co-working space, but to be honest, it’s a lot of money just so I can have someplace not home to write in and a bunch of non-writers to write around. It’s also… **ahem** a slightly creepy building to be in alone early in the morning.

I’m debating whether I actually need more sleep, or if I’m falling asleep out of boredom (very possible, since the book is starting to sound like case studies of insects) or if it’s just that winter hibernation thing kicking in. (Pops another round of vitamins.) Perhaps if I were actually sitting at my own desk in my own house, instead of curled up on the sofa…

My new scene in the revision is going incredibly well. The trick was to remove every single character I possibly could, and especially the ones who were doing the most talking in the first version. I should write that down somewhere.

And there’s always the perusal of literary agents for the “list” later on. I’m still debating the size of the query batches I should be sending out.

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