Figuring Out Why I’m So Tired.

Today turned out to be a long day… somehow. I got six and a half pages in at work. It’s one of the benefits of being pressed into service as a taker of temperatures and screener of health. You wouldn’t expect it to be all that stressful, and it’s not. Except, of course, that no one wants to be at work, and nobody wants to be having a pandemic. There were no further updates from the slaughterhouse, and also no pop quiz on late twentieth-century and early twenty-first century American military terminology.

Last week, there was a quiz. Solid D minus, right here.

It’s just slightly possible that I am not an extrovert.

This week, I’m six pages in, and pretty happy with what I got.

I’m checking off a lot of the “Good Habits” boxes, actually. I managed to get exercise! And work on my query letter! And write a blog post!

And somehow, I still don’t understand why I’m so tired.

It’s work, but it doesn’t feel like work.

I wound up with a whole new character. She’s going to need some sanding and polishing, but there she is. (And I’ll figure out why, sooner or later.)

There are times when I really need to step back, and honor the work I do get done. It’s strangely easy to miss, with life in full swing. I think a lot of us are too hard on ourselves.

Maybe I should add it to my list of Good Habits: Take a Break.


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    I think most of us are perpetually tired right now. Our sense of safety and security has been stripped away, and we’re all trying to cope as best we can.

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      And I’m one of the lucky ones! There’s more stability in my life than in a lot of peoples’. **sigh** That is not saying a lot.

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