Fitbit Frustrations (Reprise)

So, here’s what today looked like for me. It wasn’t all that bad a day, all said and done. It’s the kind of day that has me thinking about next steps in my get-skinny plan to rule the universe. (I assume there’s very little wiggle room in an imperial storm trooper uniform, anyway.)

I may have mentioned I’m falling away from the Fitbit bandwagon. Today was one of those days, and the nameless Fitbit and I had a moment where the screen was randomly flashing… a long moment. A moment where just as I got my phone out to film it, the thing suddenly decided to behave. And another moment where the display went out all together. (a forced restart helped.)

Suffice it to say my next wearable will probably not be a Fitbit brand, but I am actually doing fairly well with the overall tracking all progress thing. (Yes, that screenshot represents an improvement for me.) So, I’m debating what the next thing should be.

I have located (but not purchased) a bathroom scale that speaks emoji. That is to say, it has a mode where it gives you a smiley face, if you’re getting closer to your goals and a frowny if you’re getting further away, and skips the numbers entirely. It’s not a Fitbit product, and it might not integrate. But I’m down to not caring a whole lot. On the other hand, it’s the kind of thing I could live for a long time without. And it’s the kind of money that I do think twice about. (mine.)

Overall, it also has me thinking about the interlinked nature of goals.  You’d think a day like today–and I was out running around for most of it–would take a good chunk out of my writing time, but as usual, there’s the unexpected. I’m actually being more productive lately.

So, now I’m off to finish making one of my characters poison a part of her brain.

YES, she has her reasons.

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