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I am a part of an online writers’ group that suddenly–out of the blue–brought up exercise and from there, it was a short pivot to buddying up on Fitbit. Well, anyway… stumbling through the deceptively simple instructions.

Should we discuss writers and Fitbit? Well, what name are you under? Is that your real name, your pen name, your super-secret pen name for erotica, or your forum handle? And email addresses are just as bad. Total number of writers I have in my contacts list? A bajillion. Total number that I can find under their names/email? Two.

Because we have more aliases than the mafia.

We are supposed to be hiking the Imaginary Grand Canyon together.

At any rate, if you would like to be one of my Fitbit buddies, I’m on the Fitbit forums using my email address. If I could find you, I would friend you.

If you don’t see me moving, it’s because I’m “revising.”


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    I might be persuaded under other names to friend you… if your weekly average is <5k steps a day. I'm already 12-millionth on my friends line up of steps-per-week. 😉

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      That’s the first time I’ve been left out of something on account of being *too* athletic.
      It seems life has left me completely unprepared to deal with this situation. 😀

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      I think a lot of people who set up fitbit accounts on “personal” emails are still working on getting there. But, yeah… I thought I’d get on there, look for friends from my contacts, and instantly have a bunch of people appear. Nope. I totally get the idea of not wanting your grandmother and your writing buddies on the very same social network, though. 😉

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    Gosh this a whole new world… I didn’t know you could have Fitbit buddies! I didn’t know there was a forum!! Good grief, what else don’t I know?!!

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      I’m not really the best person to ask, but the buddy thing works for me. There’s also a bathroom scale that reports directly to the app, but I don’t have one.

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        I don’t have a bathroom scale either… not sure I want one… I use the Wii to track my weight and that’s enough technology I think!
        I will investigate the buddy thing – it works for me with writing so maybe it will work for this too!!

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