Getting Back To Work

I’m fiddling around with ideas, right now. I have about five thousand words about my new characters, and I can’t say that adds up to a whole lot of scenes. Not complete ones, anyway. I haven’t really latched onto a central conflict, you see.

There’s nothing wrong with the characters, themselves. I’m actually pretty proud of them. But where do you go from there?

There’s a pattern in here somewhere. I work on a project very single mindedly, and then… It’s over. Finished. And I’m drifting.

I’m staring at a blank sheet of paper and wondering how to get started again.

The solution I’m toying with is the idea of multiple projects that overlap and essentially… Uhm… Don’t end.

Yup. My solution to not being able to get started on a project is… More projects. It’s a conservation of momentum thing.

I’m looking for a natural bridge between projects. Something to move on to automatically. You can be see what I mean.

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