Getting Closer to the Goal

I’m really hitting the revision with force, right now.

Now that I’m past that last little bit of oops, that is. As it turns out, my poor main character really is going to be attacked by supernatural entities twice in a single day. I’d tried to turn the scenes into ONE scene, and that just wasn’t working. Now, I’m back to two scenes, and a note somewhere between them, just so that they don’t happen all at once.

And just like that, my revision is back on track.

I don’t even need to re-do my outline. I just… add the second attack and go on from there. I even have a few thoughts about what can happen between the two attacks.

I may have mentioned that check boxes really do work for me.

I don’t know if end-of-the-year is a reasonable goal (particularly since I plan on doing something for Nano.) but it won’t be too long after that.


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