Getting Moving Again

I fought my way through enough exercise to make my Fitbit happy. This is an accomplishment on my days off, and next to nothing on the days I work.

You see, at some point in my optimistic past, I decided that my goal should be somewhere “above average”–by which, what I mean is my average–and set all the numbers accordingly.

The thing is… eight hours on my feet gives me a pretty high average, and my days off… well, unless I’m consciously thinking about it, I don’t even come close. It seems silly to reach for less than average, but, still!

So, sometimes I have lazy days off.

Today wasn’t bad.

I’m also getting into the replacement replacement novel in a way that suggests I might keep going with it. My main character blew up a nun today. She didn’t mean to, of course. The nun just happened to be in the way. And I’m beginning to see just how powerful the character in question is.

The plot has not yet arrived.

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