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I’m sick as a dog right now, and took the day off work. I’m having trouble with the seemingly simple task of walking and not vomiting at the same time. Since both of those things are highly valued in the workplace, I’m recuperating at home.

If I don’t eat, drink, or move… Well, don’t tell. I think there are those who would equate moving my thumbs to type with being hale and hearty.

So, I’m thinking about book giveaways and whether they work and how they work.

The changes in Goodreads’ pricing for giveaways, and the subsequent weeping and gnashing of teeth might have something to do with that.

I’ve won a few giveaways in my time, and I find myself thinking about the authors who I wound up reading steadily as a result. There aren’t that many. And that makes me wonder if I’m looking at the wrong end of the strategy.

I’m wondering if the target for that kind of marketing is the guy who didn’t win, but who still feels an attachment to the book as a result of his narrow miss. The building of lists and followings, and the individual response of one entrant who happens to win is immaterial. 

And of course, I’m curious if that changes the strategy.

So, who’s found a new favorite author through a giveaway? And if you have given away books, how would you do it differently the next time?


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    I don’t enter giveaways. (I’m also not eligible for many because I live a thousand miles from south of nowhere) I don’t like to wait for books that I want to read or to gamble over getting them. If I want to read a book, I buy it.

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    Winning a signed copy of The Legend of Eli Monpress omnibus got me started on the series for sure. I didn’t follow the author into her next series, but I enjoyed the following two books in tLoEM. For what that’s worth in your scientific data-gathering process!

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