Glitches and Gloom

All said and done, this was not the most amusing computer glitch I’ve ever seen in my life. I haven’t published any posts, yet? 2016-06-07 (2)

I don’t know what caused it–maybe a little bit of a slow connection, somewhere–but the first time I saw it, I think my blood pressure spiked. And then, it went away. But… then, it came back. My posts are still here. I checked.

So, I signed up to do Camp Nanowrimo in July. And, since you can set your own goals, I’m settling for 30k. There we go. About a thousand words a day. Which, to be honest, I haven’t been hitting, lately.

If I could do that–or average that–every day for a year, that would be 365,000 words. So far, this year has been a little slow. I’ve been putting a lot of my words into blog posts, and a lot of my time into revising. More of my time into the SDJ*.

I need–or want–a new project for Camp Nano. I’m getting waaaaaaay too comfortable in my current project, and that’s when they tend to snowball out of control. No, I don’t really mean they get bigger and bigger.

When I start getting too comfortable, my new words have a way of taking on a fan-fiction-y quality, as if I’m ‘shipping my own characters from my own world. Lots and lots of unusable, unfocused tangents. Most of them don’t fall into the plot I’m going for, at all. It entertains me, but more in the way television entertains me.

It’s still a story, but it’s not my story at that point. Or maybe, it’s just too much my story. Doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else, and if I feel like undoing a bunch of timelines, they’re gone by the time my pen hits the paper.

So, yeah. I need a new project. Right now, on my nano-profile, it says the new project will be science fiction. I have a month or so to change my mind.

So, anybody else doing camp nano?

*Shitty Day Job.



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    I likely will. I’ll likely continue my current WIP, a collaborative high-seas action-adventure literary bromance.

    I get what you’re saying, though, about comfort. What I tend to do then is just let all the ‘fanfics’ play out in my head with impunity, so I can keep the words on the page pure and to-the-point. 😛

    Seriously though, I can spend hours lying there thinking, “But what if Sy were a former-assassin friar living on the outskirts of Nottinghamshire?” The self-fan-fic gets ridiculous up in here.

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      I’m R.(space)Typewriter over there, so wave, if you see me! Former assassin-friar sounds fascinating, too. Really a distracting idea.

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