I Want You To Go See a Doctor


I had a long day at work.

The (aging co-worker offers to go down on you) kind of long.

Frankly, I think he’s having some problems with dementia, or maybe some more strokes, and it’s affecting his impulse control.

What makes me think that? Men with good impulse control do not offer to go down on women who know their wives. I do know his wife. I like his wife. And by the way, I’m pretty sure this is the kind of thing that would literally kill her (right after she finds someone who’s willing to explain what “that”¬†means.)

I want him to go see a doctor. I want him to find whatever’s short-circuiting in his brain, and get treatment. Have a good retirement, if he’s not able to keep working. And I’m pretty sure that emptying trash cans is one of the last stops before retirement.

The thing is, if there’s something wrong with his brain, and he can’t do his job (which does involve at least enough impulse control not to proposition coworkers) he can have disability payments. If he gets fired for sexual harassment… well, there’s no safety net for that. Even if the reason¬†is a stroke or a tumor.

So, I had a chat with my boss, in which I explained why I will not be filing a formal sexual harassment complaint. It was an interesting conversation, but I think she got the general idea.

And the next time I see his wife, I’ll mention I think he might be having little strokes again.


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    Must resist urge to make ‘little strokes’ pun, because that’s actually very sad about your co-worker. Now I feel like a bad person.

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      I’m having that same problem, actually. Hoping he gets medical help, soon, so it stays funny. When I explain it to his wife, I’ll highlight short-term memory issues (which he has) and… uhm… “little changes in personality.” That’s diplomatic, I think.

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