Googly Eye Graffiti

Outline figures on escalator.... now with googly eyes.

Someone added googly eyes to these escalator people. Just thought you should know.

So, I want to buy things. Maybe that’s a side-effect of being cooped up for so long, or maybe it’s an inevitable part of the return to normal, but… I want to buy things. Let’s pretend that most of those things are things I genuinely need, and just didn’t get around to buying during the pandemic.

I smashed the hell out of my Fitbit (don’t ask), and actually…. believe it or not… broke a metal watch band. And having done that, I considered that if the watch band hadn’t broken, it likely would have been my wrist. So replacement wristband. It’s basically a scrunchie with a frame for the Fitbit. And so far, it works.  The Fitbit on the other hand? Well, a button must’ve been knocked lose in the accident, and now, it’s completely gone. (Did you know that could happen? I didn’t.)

So, now I’m eyeing replacements.

It’s all very responsible stuff like that.

And really, there are a set of delayed expenses. Do I need new clothes? Underwear? Socks? How did that ink stain get on my shirt? The things you just don’t buy, when you’re not going anywhere.

I think the priority is getting the things I need to get out and enjoy myself again.

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