Got some sleep, and…

I had the strangest strange dream I’ve had in a while, today. Clearly, lack of sleep is catching up with me. I dreamt that someone came to the house to bring me an English muffin (don’t ask) and that as I was rushing to answer the door, I passed out. So, she just reached in to put the muffin inside the door, and shouted something to the effect of “Your muffin is here!” before she left.

It was a very real dream. Me unconscious on the floor by the cupboard in the kitchen. Of course, most of the dream was dreaming I was unconscious, so a certain, uncomfortable–when is someone going to notice? feeling.

Of course, no one did notice, and I went on dreaming about being unnoticed and unconscious. Now, exactly how did I not figure out it was a dream?

None the less, when I finally did wake up (on the sofa. Under a warm blanket) I still had to go look for that English muffin. Just to be sure I wasn’t in a health crisis of some sort.

No English muffin.

That was reassuring, somehow. I did not pass out today (not that there was any chance of it) and I am not suffering from Hyaline Membrane Disease, either. Life is good.

Yup. That hypochondria thing has not gone away.


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