Green Rivers, Green Beer, Green Peanut Butter

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, a day which Americans celebrate by dyeing random liquids green and eating corned beef out of tins. And cabbage. Which… uhm… well in my decidedly non-Irish corner of the universe, that means sauer kraut. (Also out of tins.) I have no idea how they manage to sneak this past the real-life Irish, but I’m fairly sure the conversation probably involved the threat suggestion that we could dye some peanut butter green.

Somewhere else, they’re busy dying whole rivers green, so a little peanut butter….

I believe I’ll celebrate by watching one of those YouTube videos where they feed Irish people random American foods.

There’s gotta be an Irish-American themed one of those, somewhere.

No, really. Budweiser is better, because Guinness just doesn’t take the dye as well.

And why, yes. Yes, you can buy a “Just the Marshmallows” package of Lucky Charms.

(No. It doesn’t improve the taste a bit, but you can’t hear the screaming of over-sugared children, if you’re in a diabetic coma, yourself.)

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