Half-Plans and Roadmaps

I walked home today. All three miles. Uphill. In a sweltering desert of 98% humidity.

Oh, okay. It was more like 74 degrees, and not too bad a day, but that’s still an accomplishment, and it still counts. I’m half-daydreaming about dropping my job and going on a road trip, and making some unfortunate person come with me.

The exact nature and number of that person(s) changes from moment to moment, but the general idea is the same. Let’s get out of here. I don’t really know where I want to go, but uhm… not here.

I wish it could be that simple. Go out on the road, and find myself. Meet fun and fabulous people, and see new places. Do new things. Learn to surf. Learn to ski. Maybe something else I haven’t thought of yet.

But I’ve known people who did that kind of thing. A couple who washed storefront windows to pay for gas and food, and sometimes shelter, I suppose. The guy who actually did quit his job to whore his way to Burning Man.

(I’m not going to Burning Man.)

(Well, I’m not whoring my way to Burning Man. **shudder** All that touching. I might mime my way to Burning Man. If I can stay inside my invisible box.)

Right now, though… there’s a thunderstorm headed in. So, obviously, I have to go out and drive in the rain and the lightning.

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