Halloween Horizons

Halloween is still on my mind. It’s one of those holidays where the creative and the geeky, and the generally weird do really well. It’s fun and educational, and sometimes… profitable.

Educational? Well… in my case, I mean I’m going to figure out latex prosthetics, not that I’m going to research the most historically accurate costumes possible. I have an idea in mind, and a…  general idea of how to make your own and a complete lack of sense, so I’m going to try it out.

I’ve also been on Amazon, looking at the kind of trick-or-treat treats that people near me have probably never seen before.

There’s probably a reason why I only wound up with three or four trick-or-treaters last year.

But somehow, I’m not sure the kids benefit as much from an infinite number of Twizzlers and Reeses cups as they do from having their horizons expanded. (I still have time to think about whether I want to do Japanese or Korean candies, or if there’s some other thing that would be more reasonable, right now…)

Oooh, actually. Might do Syrian candies, if I can find any.


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      Only because they’re my favorite. I go from having just enough to a horrifying shortage so quickly! My willpower does better around anything but.

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    I’m aiming to see if I can pull off half Te Fiti, half Te Ka. Weirdly, my 4-year-old niece had the same idea, completely independently… we’ll see who wears it better!

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