Happy New Year, Everyone!

New Year, new notebook. 2020 is Lemon Yellow.

My neighbors started setting off fireworks sometime around 11:30. Since there wasn’t any chance of getting any more sleep, I got up and logged onto the forum at Holly’s Writing Classes. Thus, as luck would have it, I wound up ringing in the new year with other writers. I can’t think of a more auspicious beginning.

Aside from hosting one of my favorite online communities, Holly offers a wide variety of classes. If one of your resolutions this year is learning How to Write a Novel, the class is now open for new sign ups year-round. DANGER: AFFILIATE LINK. WRITER GETTING PAID HERE (Hear Holly talk about Goals at Alone in A Room With Invisible People. There’s a workshop, in there somewhere, too.)

Since it’s a day for new beginnings, I printed out the manuscript I ought to be revising.

Any manuscript that fills a 3″ expansion folder MUST be in need of revision.

And I did some new spreads in my new bullet journal. (More about that, later.)

As usual, I resolve to lose weight, to get in shape, and to keep my blog up to date. I’m continuing to work toward reading all of the joint winners of the Hugo and Nebula awards. And something else, about fresh air and getting out more. What did I forget?

Let me know what your resolutions are, if you believe in them, or what your goals are, if you don’t.

I’ll see you around.



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