Happy New Year!

The new year finally made it to my corner of the world, and look! I’m still in one piece.

Somewhere along the line, I ran into the idea that it might be bad luck to say “Happy New Year” before the new year actually arrives. I’m not usually superstitious, but after last year, it seems like a good idea not to take any chances. I didn’t even schedule a new year post in advance.

The fireworks–yes, in my sleepy farm town– woke me up at midnight, and I promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. I for one, would like to spend the new year warm and well-rested.

A few hours later, the alarm woke me up for real, and I got to work. I’m happy to report that I have my first new page of the new year.

Here’s to the new year. Let’s make it a better one than the last one.


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