Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Birds!

I hope you’re all out there having fun.

As for me, I’ll be riding out the holiday in true singleton style, curled up with a good book and wearing warm socks. If I manage to hit my revision quotas early, that book might even be someone else’s book.

I might put a few finishing touches on my dating profile, too. Turn-ons include good spelling, impeccable punctuation, and you typing long sections of manuscript while I do something else entirely.

Uhm… okay.

So, remember that your local children’s hospital or women’s shelter can use all those horribly awkward teddy-bears and stuffed unicorns, and have a good time.


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    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! I hope the day was just as relaxing as your plans sound. And that you managed to read someone else’s work. 😀

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