Having Second Thoughts

I wrote stuff, today. Honest, I did. I had a post scheduled to go at 8:00 this morning, and then, I cancelled it. I’m not sure it said what I wanted to say. Or maybe I just didn’t want to say it badly enough to say it, even if it’s not what people wanted to hear.

And then, I wrote another post. It’s not too bad, but I wound up having second thoughts about that one, too.

If I take a deep breath and concentrate, maybe I can finish this one without getting too political, or too controversial. Maybe I can talk about kittens or daisies or something.

Lately, I keep hearing doors closing, conversations ending. The fading footsteps of people walking away.

I feel like I’ve fallen into a playground argument, and I can’t get out. There’s no point in engaging a pack of third graders.

Is not.

Is not.


Children shouting to the heavens…Wrong, wrong, wrong…

And with no other reason than You’re wrong because I’m right.

What’s the point in inviting a storm that never listened to a single word?


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    I understand blogging 2nd thoughts. (and 3rd)

    I usually write my weekly post the night before.

    Sometimes the afternoon before. And then I don’t get back to my computer until it goes live. And I have second thoughts, and think about edits or fun stories that would have livened it up. I think about how my writing style is drier and less chatty than it could be, it isn’t fun or peppy.

    Finally, I just let it go and check my page-view stats and reshare the link.

    Plus, there’s the trying not to dwell on “well, I just made that topic boring and now I can’t redo it with that other approach…”

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