Highlights of a Mundane Day

Yesterday, I put up a delightful Memorial Day post, but due to some quirk of computers, my own incompetence, or the Universe hating me, it wound up posting the day before, and the last time I saw it, it was hiding behind the day before’s post. And after I spent all that time tracking down pictures of the glorious festivities, for readers who don’t happen to be here, in person! Here’s the link, for anybody who’s interested.

I went to Lincoln today, for reasons and no reason, and found that the Catholics have started a gelato-for-charity parlor. Did I mention gelato? The charity in question is basically a Catholic-themed battered women’s shelter. Well. Plenty of business to go around in that area.

If they had canoli, I’d probably convert.

In related news, Lincoln also got a new Farmers’ Market. Yeah. You know. Lincoln, Nebraska? In the heart of everybody’s favorite (non-irradiated) black-soil region? A place completely surrounded by… uhm… Farmers? As near as I can gather, there is not one single farmer directly involved with the new Farmers’ Market. It’s more like going into Whole Foods than anything else.

No, I don’t think there were any FFA kids involved, either.

I spent a brief moment in the fabulous sky-walk system, which is based on the  famous one in Minneapolis. It’s a lot smaller, but still coming along nicely.

Yup. The most exciting part of my day was gelato. And I must remember to take pictures, the next time I’m on the skywalk. Otherwise, it just isn’t as… adequate.

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