Holding Back the Tide

To begin with, let me say that I have neighbors. In the great scheme of things Midwestern, they are new neighbors, which is to say that they’ve only been around for ten years or so, and I don’t have any idea who their parents or grandparents are. We are probably not related, although there are people of the same name buried in “our” part of the local cemetery.

The neighbors have a patio. It’s a very nice patio, as giant slabs of concrete go… but it does affect the drainage. (That’s Midwestern for It completely fucks up the very delicate drainage on a lot that **used** to have a creek running through it.) So, anyhoo… this creek runs through the dead center of their house, through their back yard, and across the bottom corner of my lawn.

Due to recent “landscaping choices” the once manageable creek has been reincarnated as two small ponds, which are only there when it rains. One of them is in the neighbors’ basement, and the other… is largely in my backyard.

I would have liked to put nice, happy, green-grass lawn back where it was.

But that’s not going to happen. The grass keeps getting washed out and drowned, and eventually, you have to try something else.

I picked up some native wildflower seed, and I’m hoping that it will grow fast enough to keep my backyard in my back yard.

As an added bonus, it’s supposed to attract pollinators.

Hooray for the butterflies and bees.

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