Homeopathic De-Allergi-fication

I survived my first encounter with the neti pot, last night. In all honesty, it wasn’t half as drowny-awful as I expected, and it did help. I think I’d describe the experience as pretty much identical to pouring water down your face. So identical, in fact, that I wasn’t sure I was doing it right, at first.

I was doing it right. The ability to blow bubbles with one nostril and then stop the stream of water by pinching off the other nostril proves it. 

And… get this… I could actually smell things after I was finished. It’s been a while since I could smell anything subtle, apparently. 

I’m still getting the hang of the exact right angle so that salt water doesn’t wind up going down my throat. I would like the water to be warmer, next time. I was really cautious about the heat this time, because I’m not crazy about the idea of poached mucosae.

I think the results last at least as long as some of the pills I’ve been taking. And instead of leaving you slightly drugged and over-dried, the neti pot actually left me feeling… well, good.

I’ll probably do another round when I get off work later today. I’m getting that just-getting-over a cold feeling where you can feel the snot moving around in your head and ears, so I hope I can clear the rest of it out and be even better.


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    My husband uses one of those. He really likes it, especially after a long mowing session to get allergens our of his nose. I can’t get past the pouring water through my nose part.

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      I was amazed how little sensation of “through the nose” there really was with it. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know. And it works, so I’m rapidly developing an addiction.

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