Honestly, I’m Not a Bag Lady

One of the great things about the internet age is the ability to sit on your sofa, and shop for all the things it ever crossed your mind that you might need. I’m not crazy about real-life stores. Something about having someone interrupt you just as you’re making a decision, the smells, the people… I mean, come on! Malls are for power walking, not for shopping, right?

The internet also enables you to buy the kinds of things your neighbors won’t. (And that’s important. I’ve lived in towns where the best bookstore was the remainders bin at Pamida.)

I’m not a natural shopper. For me, it’s usually What the hell am I wearing to that event? or “Damn it! there’s a hole in my favorite jeans.” Right now, I’ve hit the point that the best (newest, most hole-free) clothes in my wardrobe are work clothes that I really wouldn’t wear anyplace else, and the casual, lounge around clothes are getting pretty shabby.

And events… well, they’re getting pretty few and far between.

I’m boosting the casual, right now. Jeans and t-shirts, and a couple of fitness-kick related items. I probably needed a water bottle, and I definitely needed a sports bra.

They’re on the way, along with grooming tools for Depravi-Cat. I did not have to stop at a separate store to find the cat things.

I also did not have to stop at a separate shop for my semi-voyeuristic peek through lingerie that is a little further out on the kinky spectrum than I am, or for the writer-specific t-shirts that probably aren’t in stock anywhere near me.

Anyway, the good news is that in a few days, I’ll have go-out in public clothing that reflects “personality” more than “indigent” and a cat that doesn’t look like a stray. What more could I want?




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