How to Choose a Writing Contest

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the rules for the local-ish science fiction convention’s writing contest. The deadline is Sunday, and I’m waiting for the whoosh as that deadline flies by. There’s the part of me that wants to enter, and the part of me that’s debating whether the story wouldn’t be better off somewhere else, contest or not.

I’ve been reloading the website more or less repeatedly to see if they’re going to tell us who the amazing guests are before I have to commit. That really might be the tipping point for me. Is it someone I know? Someone I like? Someone who’s going to bring battle puppets from outer space?

The prize, in and of itself, isn’t really enough to pull me in by itself, and just entering gives them the right to publish the story, so you likely wouldn’t be able to sell it somewhere else, later. I’m a little squeamish about that.

So, here’s the question. How do you decide whether you want to participate in a contest? Is it the prestige? The prize? The potential connections? Or is it something else?

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