I Already Know the Ending

I’m on a Korean Rom-Com kick. (Thank you, streaming video. No, I don’t know where you’d buy Korean anything in my small, Nebraska town.) Korean romantic comedies have a very 1950s or 1960s vibe to them. Wholesome. Doris Day and Rock Hudson would feel right at home in these things.

They always wind up with each other in the end. Always. There is no other option for the genre.

So, as a writer, I’m fascinated with this.

Not just why people watch a movie, or read a book, if they already know how it ends, but how the storytellers command that kind of attention. I know how the story¬†ends. And I watch, anyway. Part of that is the fact they are comedies. They’re funny. Watch for the humor, not for the plot.


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    It’s an escape, a getaway, a way to step away from crap and relax, it releases endorphins in that feel good experience and it’s a guarantee good experience, so you do it cause you its going to make you feel better if nothing else.

    That is why readers or watchers get mad if you do something that is not in that guaranteed promise.

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