I am a Social Butterfly.

I was distracting myself with Twitter, today. Like I do a lot of days, regardless of my mood. Today is the ever popular #2bitTues weekly hashtag, in which you share bits and pieces of your WIP. There’s an (optional) theme for that. And it’s usually something that’s either really obscure (animals, today) or something I use every other sentence. (Nodding, a couple of weeks ago.) And either way, it can be a lot of fun.

Yeah, today, it’s more Twitter by force of habit, for me. I’m tweeting because it’s Tuesday. I always tweet on Tuesday. Habits are good.

And somewhere along the line, someone asked if you could have a blog tour, if you aren’t a published author.

Hmmm… Well, I don’t see why not. Not sure I’d call it that. I like the word “Blog Hop” wherever that came from. But I definitely see ways it could be done, an done well.

And then, I invited him to come play on my blog.

Obviously, if I’m inviting people, I should definitely invite my loyal friends and readers, too. So, consider yourselves invited.

I have absolutely no idea what I have in mind, of course. Impulse invites are like that. But why not? I always seem to have fun, when I do stuff like that.

I’m participating in the StoryTime Blog Hop again in *checks calendar* uhm… July. July 27th.

Story Time Blog Hop Logo

Speculative Short Fiction Blog Hop. Click Image for More info


I think I’m hosting, actually, but either way, we’d love to have you join us.

And while you’re here… what are some of your favorite web-based activities? Anything stand out as extra fun?


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