I Am In The Wrong Line of Work

I came across these paintings on display in a public building, yesterday. Aside from the obvious–why are the winter-y holiday-y paintings up this early?–I would like to point out the price tag on some of these suckers.

Okay, so that probably doesn’t add up to minimum wage, either, but there’s a very direct-to-consumer model going on here that feels very… immediate.

The paintings themselves are actually pretty nice.

Sort of a cross between Grandma Moses and Thomas Kinkaide going on here. Not really my style, but since I’m in the habit of taking pictures, I might as well pass these on.

I’m not 100% sure on the cost of wall space here. Whoever’s in charge of that made themselves pretty scarce. But it does get some decent foot traffic.


(I think we decided this one is Providence, Rhode Island.)

They are for sale, and if anybody wants to buy one, I’ll chase down some contact information for you. (Unfortunately, the artist’s name isn’t as clear in the tag picture as I thought it was.)


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    About this time of year in Grand Rapids, MI (my old home), Art-Fest is in full swing. Hundreds of artists are invited to share their works within a mile of downtown. Museums, bars, lawyer’s offices, restaurants, parks—one never knows what you’ll find. From paintings to sculptures to red string art, it’s a destination. For three weekends, we get to explore art and downtown, usually in beautiful fall weather.
    I miss it.

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