I Am Perfectly Normal

I am starting out the month of June with a blog post. The beginning of a new month always seems to be a push forward for me. Drive… determination that this month… this month… I’m going to be so much more conscientious than I was last month. I’m going to blog more regularly, and more importantly, I’m going to get back into drafting my next novel.

A thousand or two words a day. Probably about five hundred for the blog, and fifteen hundred for the rough draft, and let’s not forget all the tweets and forum posts that I’m not even counting.

The theme for this month is: I am perfectly normal.

Or, if normal seems like a bit of a stretch, At least I’m fun.

Yup. I’m getting ready to query, and one of the agent blogs I read suggests that the primary thing anyone’s actually looking for when they peek at a writer’s website is normalcy. Good ol’ solid, American, apple pie type normalcy.

Yes, I laughed, too.

Actually, the blog goes on to imply that maybe what they’re talking about is more of a low-maintenance, non-dangerous quirkiness. Score! That totally describes me.

As any one of you can attest, I have never asked a friend to help me spread peanut butter on a porcupine. (But if I did, I promise you’d all be invited.)

Okay, so I’m quietly reconsidering each and every time I’ve opened my mouth in the last… uhm… lifetime. (Off to hang out in my private writers’ forum, where I can only humiliate myself in front of friends.)

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