I Had a Little Summer Left Over…

I found a few left over summer photos, so I thought I’d inflict them on you, now.

I’m not going to comment on them all, but this is a state park just off the Missouri River. Some of the place names here are not very nice, so I’m leaving a lot of them out all together.

Two Cemeteries

poorly maintained cemetery

The Cave, Itself.

cave from upper platform

There are petroglyphs here, but there’s a lot more graffiti. The walkway is close enough to see them, but it takes a while to spot them amid the vandalism. (The walkway may or may not be helpful in preventing more graffiti.) It’s a beautiful place, but not everyone seems to be interested in keeping it that way.

Believe it or not, the most tasteful bit of graffiti in the park (You will note it’s carved in a contemporary railing.):

graffiti of penis

View of Missouri River from Above

To some degree, this one is wheelchair accessible. You would get your money’s worth on a park pass. A good chunk of the park is accessible by car, and some of the paths are paved.

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