In Need of A Road Map

There’s something about the added scenes I’ve been working on that’s vaguely disorienting. I know where I’m going… I’m just not all that sure how to get there.

It’s incredibly easy to spiral off into an endless tangent, a place where my characters may or may not ever get to “the end.”

Right now, I’m being distracted by the romantic sub-plots. Well, the ones that should really be cut to a minimum, and which I’m never sure if I have not enough or way too much.

And, of course, the romance has to be kept quiet, because… plot.

On the other hand, I’m having fun writing worthless scenes that will never make it into the final book.

Must stop that.


  1. Curtis Bausse


    Ha, ha – know the feeling! Have you got an end date in view?

    • Reply

      I’m hoping to finish up in time for the new year. I had all the numbers worked out, and all the pages divided up. Then, these new scenes materialized. So, I’m still hoping for January. And to start the querying process with a “next” project to keep my mind occupied.

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