In Search of a Hobby

I mentioned in my last post that I had added a rest and relaxation spread to my bullet journal. What I didn’t mention is… I’m not exactly sure what that is, anymore.

There’s a list of things that have been absorbed into things for my writing career. Reading. Writing. Okay, yes. There’s more pressure, when you’re trying to build a career. I get that.

And another list of things that people just don’t do during a global pandemic. Socially distanced ballroom dance, anyone?

Those two things take in a lot of ground in what used to be my happy, relaxing world.

Well, yes. It’s possible that I was always a little tightly wound.

I’m looking for a quick fix to rest and relaxation that will allow me to fill in the blank in my bullet journal. Productivity, baby.

Okay. What I need is something that won’t develop into yet another job. Objectively… I think I have enough of those. Also, objectively… if I care enough to do something long-term, I want to get good at it.

It’s a strange feeling to stop and think… so, what exactly do I do for fun?

Having consulted a list of hobbies, I think I might do some drawing, when I get a chance.


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    Oof, I feel this, especially the part about wanting to get good at things and thereby turning a hobby into another job. Most of what passes for fun in my world is reading things just because I want to (as opposed to reading to learn something) and gardening. Before pandemic, there was travel, meals with friends, and the occasional concert.

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      Maybe I need to spend more time cheering on my friends virtual karaoke and such. Some of them put on a pretty good show… And I think musicians are all a little depressed, since their events are cancelled.

  2. Lita


    Is it possible that working and developing new skills is the way you have fun? 🙂

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      It’s definitely possible… But I’m not sure if it’s healthy. The pandemic is ratcheting up the stress at my day job, so I’m really consciously looking at a “grow moss” level of stress.

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    I tried drawing too, but I kept drawing characters from my stories which felt like more work xD
    My go to now for relaxing is video games. I play online, so it feels social too!

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