Invitations, and Other Teases.

The StoryTime Blog Hop is coming up on October 27th, and–believe it or not–I’m not hosting it, this time around. My friend Juneta Key is, and you can find all the information about joining us here:  Long story short: SciFi/Fantasy/SpecFic; G to PG rated. Deadline for links is the 20th of October.

I’m still thinking about what to write, but the last few stories I’ve done have turned out pretty well, so I’ll keep posting them.

Later on, I’m also doing a short story for an Advent Calendar the Independent Bookworm puts on every year. That’ll be winter-themed short stories, with one or two summers thrown in, courtesy of our Southern Hemisphere Players.

I’m also doing Nanowrimo in November–50,000 words in one month–because someone slipped something or other into my coffee, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Sometimes, it still seems like a good idea. We’ll see. Drop by my profile over there and add me to your buddy list, if you want to join me.

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