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The awesome co-hosts for the July 1 posting of the IWSG are Jenni Enzor, Beth Camp, Liesbet, Tyrean Martinson, and Sandra Cox!

July 1 question – There have been many industry changes in the last decade, so what are some changes you would like to see happen in the next decade?

I like technology. I fell in love with electronic ink back when it was just a twinkle in an engineer’s eye. Now… admittedly, I was promised something that would look more like a newspaper than like a Kindle. I was promised something I could fold up and put in my beach bag, as I recall. That’s been a while. I’ve collected my share of e-readers since then. I still miss my first Sony Reader. That thing was solid. Made of metal, and had some real weight to it. Hardcover e-reader, compared to all the plastic paperbacks I’ve had since then.

I hacked the next Sony reader to play Kindle books. It wasn’t convenient, but it worked.

So, where exactly am I now?

Reading books on my android phone, believe it or not. Easier to jump between books from different places. Sony and Kobo and Kindle and Google Books… I never found an e-ink reader that would do that. And there are some places where color comes in handy.

I’d like another hardcover e-reader–something classy and meant to last– and I’d like it to read across formats.

And beyond that?

We’ve been talking about enhanced books a lot, lately.

Specifically… we’ve been talking about all the factors that make enhanced e-books impractical and expensive. The fact that they have to be re-done for every, single marketplace, and the astronomical delivery fees that are built into them. It does seem that if I can stream high-def movies 24 hours a day to every TV in my house for $8.99 and get free shipping, besides, I ought to be able to download a track of Mickey Mouse sounding out words for mykids… uhm, I mean… my cat.. for a fair price, too.

And my stretch goal? Probably something like AirBnB for writers and creatives. Rideshares, caravans, the works. Something where people can arrange events in small towns (or big ones, for that matter) and go stay in another writer’s home while they speak at the local library or high school. Something that allows writers to find and navigate towns that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to have events.

What about you? What changes are you looking forward to?


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    So that I can enjoy reading books and e-readers, I look forward to the day Ugg – whose boots never leave my feet (all right, I take them off at night) – start making chairs and beds.

  2. Diane Burton


    I love your imagination as it took off on the question. My answer: no idea. LOL I really like my iPad for my ebooks. The cover (paid extra for one, on my 2nd cover) folds back and makes the device easy to hold as I read in bed. Never tried the phone. Don’t think my old eyes could take the strain. But whatever works is my motto. Have a great month.

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    I agree! I’m just dipping my toes into indie publishing and plan to sell wide. I’d love to see an ereader that can display books from all the online booksellers, not just the Great and Powerful Wizard of ‘Zon.

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    I mostly read ebooks on my iPad these days, but if I’m reading at the beach, then I pull out my old, outdated Kindle.

    I like the AirBnB for writers idea.

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    I don’t use my Kindle much. Then again, I don’t read eBooks that much. I still prefer print. But I am trying to transition over to reading more digitally, especially since I’ve published more eBooks than print.

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    I use my Kindle mostly, but the Kindle on my phone has more capabilities, so I often resort to that if it’s a cookbook or something I want to flip through.
    I still love using paper books and find I tend to remember the story better with paper books, but with my library closed until very recently, I’ve gotten around to reading my Kindle more.
    Interesting post!

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