IWSG: February is the New January


The awesome co-hosts for the February 2 posting of the IWSG are Joylene Nowell Butler, Jacqui Murray, Sandra Cox, and Lee Lowery!
My connection is being a little temperamental right now, so my apologies in advance, if this cuts off mid-post.
I’m doing a little re-evaluating of where I am, right now. A few of those “why new years resolutions fail” posts have been egging me on. And yes, I found out on YouTube the February is the new January. So, here I am. I’m doing a reset.
I set myself a very small number of very small, baby-step goals for February. It’s a re-building momentum kind of month.


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    Honestly, I think setting New Month’s resolutions would be more productive than New Year’s resolutions. Having big, ambitious goals is great, but breaking those goals up into shorter, more bite-size steps would be helpful too. Good luck with your February rest, and I hope your connection becomes more cooperative.

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    February is super short. January went speedy by. Before you know it, it’ll be Christmas. Yikes. I have a ton of internet issues, so I sympathize.

  3. Loni Townsend


    Gah, yeah, connection problems suck! I hope your baby goals work out. I know I haven’t made much progress on the ones I set in January.

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