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April 3 question: If you could use a wish to help you write just ONE scene/chapter of your book, which one would it be? (examples: fight scene / first kiss scene / death scene / chase scene / first chapter / middle chapter / end chapter, etc.)

Oooh, good question this month! If I could get help with one of the scenes, it would probably wind up being the romance bit. I’m not good at that in real life, either. Nope. I’m the kind of girl who goes out to look at the stars with someone, and then is horribly disappointed when they don’t want to talk about Chinese astrology.

I’m just not good at it.

I’d be more than willing to whip up some writer elves to do that for me.


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      I’m a Scorpio born in the year of the horse, so you would think I should be able to manage. Maybe that’s my secretive side coming out.

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    The only advice I have for writing the smoochy bits is to read an author who writes smoochies whom you enjoy and learn from how they do it, how they write it in a way you like. Or just cut it out of your book entirely, it’s up to you how much or little goes in. Definitely good to work outside your comfort zone a little, though!

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    LOL, sometimes that is a pain for me too. The middle is where I’d ask for help. Manuscript Brownie’s I think I like those types of elves.

  3. Loni Townsend


    I’m a terribly unromantic person, so I’d probably need help writing the romantic scenes in my book… should I ever decide I needed one. 🙂

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    My wish was to have help writing love scenes too. I don’t know why mine always read like a second grader wrote them. Good luck with your writing projects. So many at one time? I would have a mix-up with characters and locations and plots and whatever else a good story has. Wow! My mind would be mush.
    JQ Rose

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      I should probably break the multiple projects thing down in a blog post, sometime. It’s not as death-defying as it sounds. My focus is on just two of them, and those two are very different.

  5. Lee Lowery


    No smoochy scenes for me. Those are the parts I tend to skip. But I’ll slide the knife in slowly, or blow the place to bits.

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      I **read** the smoochy stuff, but I don’t feel all that confident writing it. But then, the romance for me tends to be the connection, itself with smoochies more as an afterthought.

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