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Seems like I’m supposed to have written some kind of a blog post today. Well, actually… I did. It just wasn’t the right blog post.

Today’s insecurities all seem to have to do with electronics. I’m on the hunt for a new, not too expensive, but certainly not too cheap computer. (Last time, I went for cheap on the premise that I could buy something better, later on. Well, this machine really did hang in there… and I never loved it. It was just… uhm… there.

At long last, the Bargain Basement computer is legitimately dying.

Dying in the sense of the space-bar is only putting in part time hours, and the track pad… well, the edges of the track pad still work reliably. And the screen only flickers a little (a lot) when the battery gets low.

Dying in the sense of there are old computer sounds I can’t be 100% sure aren’t the hard drive. (But they might be the fan. Which might be because the letters E and W sometimes hit it, when I type too hard.) (And also, the battery life is now somewhere in the neighborhood of an hour.)(The hinge I thought was broken is now functioning.)

This is a choices issue. Something where there are definitely wrong choices, but probably not just one right choice.

Maybe I just miss that new-computer excitement from years gone by.

Any suggestions?


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    No suggestions here. Mine is starting to show signs that it’s about time for a new one. Trying to hang in there a bit longer so I can upgrade to a better quality one. Sometimes cheap gets us through at the time, but just doesn’t last us as long as we’d like. Although it sounds like yours hung in there longer than you expected!
    Good luck in your search.

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    Shop around and get exactly what you want and for the right price. We always get Dell computers and usually upgrade every three to four years. (Just because! Not because the other Dells die, as we have two working computers in the house that are both over ten years old. I almost wish they would die.)

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