J is for Joy

2016JSo, I’ve been in a good mood all day because I woke up this morning to to this upbeat video of a little girl and her teacher dancing:

So, let’s make today’s post about joy, and the things we do not because we have to, or because we think we can build a career or a reputation out of them but because we enjoy them.

I dance, too. Not particularly well, but I have fun doing it, and I meet people. I have fun.

I write stories for the fun of it. There’s nothing better than sinking into a world of your own creation, and just tinkering. I have a massive amount of material that’s just me playing with my characters. (Editing’s a different story. Editing is the hard-labor end of writing.) I paint.

And since I’m clearly starting to ramble–I’ve been up since 2 glorious A.M.–I’m going to post a picture of one of my paintings (which was on my hard drive, anyway)(and which I got a lot of joy out of making) and get off the computer.klynnextra


  1. Jane Helms


    Just-because Joy has its own power, if only because we can see it, feel it, do not need to measure it. It just is. Its own kind of joy.

  2. Reply

    I love the painting! And that video is adorable – seriously. This whole post is a good reminder for me. I’m really bad, in general, at keeping up with my goals. And feeling like I’m behind can turn goals into chores and suck the joy out of life. Much better to see every day as an opportunity to discover joy one more time.

  3. Reply

    I love your landscape. I wish I could let myself enjoy things more and stop rushing about. The never-ending to-do list saps the joy out of everything.

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