January 2023 Wrap-Up Post

We’re approaching the end of the month, and my friend’s Kickstarter is approaching that last, stretch goal. Another hundred and fifty bucks or so before she has to have all her supporters in on the world’s biggest conference call.

I have no idea what you talk about on the world’s biggest conference call, and it seems like a big, glaring spotlight I don’t want to be in, but… uhm… good for her, I guess. Public speaking seems like a horrible thing to wish on anyone. Still, Kickstarter is the kind of thing I need to look into.

I’m working my way through a list of my own goals. Somewhere… someone on the internet mentioned that they had a list of a hundred things they’d like to do this year. Me? I stalled out trying to think of more than thirty-five. Well, hell. It’s still early, isn’t it? I’ll add to it, later. Right now? Find something to hang on the wall that will cover the place where that Command Strip wasn’t exactly under command. (Seeing as how I don’t want to repaint right this second.)

Maybe my goals are more categorized than other peoples’ are. (I have four or five task lists on my phone. Okay. Yes. They’re probably pretty broken up. I might hit a hundred, if I smooshed them all together.

They wouldn’t be terribly grandiose. Put up curtains is not exactly on the same level with “write a novel” although… “House Projects” might be. Maybe ripping up the carpet will make me feel better about myself. Who knows?

I’ll be adding up my January word count in a few days.

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