Juggling Time

I work a ridiculously early shift, so I don’t have the closest relationship with time. I have trouble, for instance, convincing myself that sleeping until four in the morning is “sleeping in”,  and I have just as much trouble convincing myself that working until ten in the morning on my days off is an actual, full day’s work.

Objectively, it is. Objectively, I did pretty well, today. About ten pages of hand-written revision. (More, if you count the new bits with the old draft pages.) I’m having trouble convincing myself that I deserve a break.

Hell, I’m having trouble convincing myself I need a Krebs Cycle.

In those rare moments when I have thoughts of going to the library to work, I hit a brick wall when I realize the library does not open until around ten. Oh, yes… that’s right. Ten is already a full day’s work, more or less.

Getting up that early in the morning plays havoc with any kind of social life I might think I needed, too.

Does anything happen before my bedtime? Nope. I don’t think so.

Still, I do get some work done, now and then. I just wish it were more normal hours.



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    Ugh I hear you about the sleep schedule being off. I similarly have an early start, and my husband has an even earlier start (leaves home at 1am) so I’m always awake at odd hours and it makes the days seem either super short, or incredibly long. It messes with your creative mojo too sometimes. If I get unsettled enough I get blocked so I try to keep to a schedule but sometimes it’s just so dang hard!

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