Jumping in Front of the Bullet (Journal)

I got started on a bullet journal, yesterday. It’s a writer-specific thing with room for word sprints that I’ve had lying around for a while. I finally decided to get started at least in part because I have a revision I really, really want to finish.

My general goal? To start sending out queries on January 1st.

Except, you know… January 1st is a national holiday (I think. Maybe it’s the 31st.) So, that’ll be more of a drop something in a mail box situation. (Or email box.)

So, here I am, happily dividing remaining chapters into remaining weeks, and coming up with as much of an answer as I’ve ever had.

The plus side of the Writing Sprints Journal is that it really works. (Well, anyway, I now have clear goals, and I already knew the writing sprints thing worked.) The downside? Well, it actually looks like a book which has the tendency to make me feel a little anxious writing in it. (No, that’s not rational. **Cringes, waiting for childhood librarian to strike her dead**) Which is pretty much why it’s been sitting on my desk for four months.

It’s a looking at a big project in small chunks thing, and you all know how much I love those.

Broken down into chunks, the big project amounts to a couple of chapters per week (which is more than I’ve been doing, but do-able.) and then writing a query letter and **vomits a little** synopsis.

Oh, yes. There’s a definite benefit to being clear about what I need to do, and knowing that I can actually do that.


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