Jumping the Gun on the Summer of Fiction Writing

As usual, this time of year, I’ve been looking forward to the Summer of Fiction Writing over at Holly’s writing classes. It’s a goal-oriented time for writers. You make goals. You break them down into manageable pieces You achieve them. It’s social, and it’s a great reset for all those goals that look so massive before you start.

I don’t know where the glitch in my brain came from, but I really did believe that the event started on June first.

I mean… I REALLY believed SOFW started on June first. I made the bullet journal spreads, and broke down the steps to my goals, and… the first “Hooray, SOFW” post I did… uhm… I’m a few weeks early.

I didn’t want to lose momentum, so I just started, anyway. It’s a little geeky, but you know… better early than on time. Or… something like that.

I have a revision I want to finish, and I’m starting a new first draft. I’m counting each and every word I write. And the goal? Well, it’s probably somewhere in the range of 100,000 words this summer.

Is that really what a thousand words a day all summer long adds up to?

It is, actually. And that’s what the SOFW is all about. Little steps toward a big project. Sustainable work toward a career. Good habits, and good mental health.

It’s not a headlong plunge, the way Nanowrimo is, and you start from wherever you’re standing. I have better luck with it than with Nano for that reason. Summer of Fiction Writing lets me set my own goals, based on where I am, so I don’t wind up setting something aside to start something else.

As always, you’re welcome to join in. Happy SOFW.

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