June and July Statistics

I let a month slip by me there.  So, in June, I wrote 35, 174 words.  In July, I was up to 40,232.  I’m not sure why I’m having so much trouble hitting the 40k mark on a regular basis.  40k is about 1300 words a day, and for the most part, that’s not a particularly unreasonable goal for me.  I think the answer is consistency.  Six days in June where I dropped below 1000 words (all of them a significant shortcoming) and only three in July.   Not sure if that’s enough for a trend.

For the year, I’m sitting at 247,825 words.

I’m working on exactly how to define revision related goals.  Right now, I’m looking at two crime manuscripts that need revision, the Science Fiction experiment that I’ve been posting here, and a couple other projects that are still on my hard drive.


Three manuscripts on my desk.

The one on the right is the Science Fiction Experiment, all printed out.  Completely intimidated by that one. For comparison, the other two are both full-length crime novels.  Yes, I’m showing off. It beats quaking in the corner out of fear and insecurity. 😉


  1. Eva


    It makes my heart warm to see the Sci-Fi-Exp printed out, because that’s the one I’m waiting breathlessly for! 😉
    Also, completely amazed at your productivity. I think you’re doing great! 🙂
    As for the way to count revision: I think that’s connected to the problems you expect to encounter. You could count revised pages (say you want to have the manuscript revised by the end of September, calculate the pages you need to revise per day and voila). If you have many scenes that you’re expected to completely rewrite or write new ones, I’d try to calculate the expected number of words (like, average number of words per your scene times the number of new scenes) and go from that.

    • Reply

      Right now, I’m working on HTRYN–the first lesson–and getting about 23 manuscript pages per day on the novel I’ve been trying to sell. So much faster than the first time I did it. I should be done with that by the 14th, if I can keep it up.
      The revision process for the SFE is different, and a whole lot less organized, because I want to keep posting as I go along. More of a “grab the next chapter and start polishing.”

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