June Flooding Brings…

The rain has come, and with it? The rabbits.brown rabbit, sitting in the green grass, in a spot of sunMy goodness, there are rabbits. This one happens to be in my back yard. And yes, the grass is going to seed, too. (Wouldn’t it look pretty as a re-claimed prairie? No. No, my neighbors don’t think so.)

So, now, I have all of my rabbits, and all of the neighbors’ rabbits (they don’t get along so well with the neighbors’ German shepherds.) And all of the rabbits from the part of town that’s flooded… and whoever else they invited over.

It’s a rabbit house party out there.

Now and then, we get a sunbathing squirrel, and always a few birds when the sprinklers are running. Robins and blue jays, and the occasional cardinal. We’re at the tippity tip of pileated woodpecker country, too. You hear those more than you see them.

The water is going down in the park. A real-live public works truck pulled aside the barricade and drove in. Now, admittedly the truck was taller than any privately-owned family car, and I’m still concerned about the **ahem** Overflow from the sanitary sewer, but the waterline is down. I’d like to hope that it is going to stay down.

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