L is for Laughter

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I thought about making this post about Lepterians–one of the two main cultures from my Science-Fiction-y thing–but then I thought better of it. After all, A-to-Z is about community building and creative exploration, and certainly not about siphoning off readers for my own petty gain.¬†(oopsy!) So, I’m making this post about laughter.

And I’m going to try to keep it Safe for Work. That should be a challenge in itself. After all, my sense of humor usually ranges somewhere between eighth-grade boy and Caligula.

Today’s gift from the feed-fairy was a video from Four Femmes on the Thames.

Oh, wait… I said Safe for Work.

Well, then. Let’s just say that today’s gift from the feed fairy was this classic and wholesome¬†recording of Louis Prima and Keely Smith:

It’s in black and white, so you know it’s extra wholesome. And plus or minus a few lines that wouldn’t make the cut today, I think it’s held up pretty well over the years.

But… I’m not sure it’s still funny for exactly the same reasons. Sometimes, changing perspectives ruin things, and sometimes it just changes them.

Since this is starting to look like a nice long ramble through all the singing comedy routines in my subconscious, I think I’d better shut up. I can chase a tangent like nobody’s business.

Hope everybody’s still enjoying the A-to-Z Challenge, and that we’re all hanging in there!



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    Go ahead and promote yourself and your work!
    On the topic of laughter…I often have to dig around to find ways to describe a character’s laughter. My favorites are “whinny” and “chortle”.

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      Whinny’s a good one! I can see a very specific kind of person to go with that. Male or female but sort of awkwardly outgoing.

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