Labor Day

I got in quite a few miles today… just in time to come home and pick up my replacement Fitbit band. Strange thing about the internet. Somewhere between the old band breaking… (It was sabotaged by uhm… operatives from the couch potato patrol?) and the new band arriving, I realized that there are real people out there somewhere, who have probably noticed my sudden lack of movement. Hi. No, I’m not dead. Or sick.

So, today was a day of sun, and un-credited exercise. At this point, I think the week as a whole is completely shot.

The current topic of conversation? How crowded the state parks are going to be over labor day. (Yes, let’s just pretend that I get labor day off.) I’m actually glad to miss the crowds, and pointed a couple people in the general direction of not quite so publicized wildlife conservation areas. (No, primitive camping, only… no facilities…. and the parking? It’s way over there. No. Keep going.) You know those outgoing, performance-arts, musical types? To be honest, I can’t imagine them in a room with no other people.

The wildlife will probably help level the stage risers.

It’s almost down to the part of the year where the weather is warm–but not hot–and breezy–but not cold. I’m looking forward to fall. I believe I’ll go stomp around by the river banks and look at birds and rabbits and things.

Are we still having Halloween?

Anyway, Happy Labor Day to people who aren’t actually you know… working through it.

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