Leaving Distractions Behind

So, today, I went to the library to work. A change of scenery can’t be all bad. A little more focus, probably, just because I’m not somewhere I can curl up and watch the Twitter Feed slide by. No computer–not one of mine, anyway–so I’m working on my phone and that folding keyboard I keep swearing I’m going to replace.

I probably will replace it, sooner or later.

When I leave, I would like to have a solid idea of what I’m thinking of doing for my next project, and maybe a little bit of word count worth mentioning.

This is–all things considered–a fairly good library. It’s big enough to hide in, and not crowded most of the time. It’s also a slightly peculiar building. It was supposed to have a second storey. A balcony type thing that was supposed to go… Well, right around under those windows.

Then, the legal department stepped in–too many unsupervised children just lining up to jump off–and the second storey was never built. It gives the building awkward proportions.

In general, I think I’m more of a curled up at home writer, but right now, the lack of distractions might really do something for me.

I’m at a point where I have a couple of characters and some backstory, but no plot to think of. Several bumpy starts and abandoned “next projects” and a whole lot of querying coming up.

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