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I must buy my electronics in batches. I’ve been thinking about replacing my computer… and my phone… and sometimes, my tablet just isn’t what it used to be. Now, naturally, I’m also wondering If I actually need a computer and a tablet. One or the other might be plenty. And a phone might replace a tablet… or maybe I want to go back to e-ink.

At  any rate,  it seems they all want to go at the same time. (Look, an extra space, followed by a space I had to add in because my keyboard is being difficult.)

I’m seeing keyboard errors in the pages I’m revising, and it’s just a little more time than I would like to spend fixing things. I can actually type… and yet, certain letters are missing, or keys are sticking. If it weren’t a laptop of a certain age, and if it weren’t already damaged, I’d probably already have a new keyboard.

But it’s getting up there. Time to strip out the parts I want to keep and move on. I just don’t have a clear idea of what I want to move on to.

And I’d actually like to start with a new novel on the new computer, which means finishing up the one I’m revising, right now. It’s not a necessity, really… just a psychological preference. And querying on a new computer has to be good luck, right? Better than sending out quiche, anyway.

The tablet is more batteries than anything else. It’s fairly old, and the battery life is sliding.

And the phone? Well, the phone is a bargain-basement pre-paid that has done pretty well, but which no longer has the memory or power or whatever to run all of the apps I’d like to be able to take with me. (It hasn’t for a while.) I do not need a phone that can do stupid dog tricks. Not really. But I’d like to be able to check email… and twitter… and… okay. Stupid dog tricks. But it doesn’t need to play games, or things like that.

Thoughts? How to be a complete cheapskate and still get the latest electronics?


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    There’s nothing a tablet can do that can’t be done (mostly) on a laptop. I gave mine to my husband.
    A phone is a necessity, so you should replace it. There should be a compromise between bargain basement and bells and whistles.
    Here’s wishing you hit a small lottery prize to pay for all.

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